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The company provides technical consulting and analysis in the food control since 1981 at the retail outlets, canteens operated by multinational companies and manufacturing plants foods. The laboratory performs: microbiological and chemical analysis of food matrices for the hygienic safety (HACCP) quality control and in cosmetics and control of heavy metals in water and hair (mineralogramma); research of GMOs in food matrices, search biophotons in organic food, food shelf life under refrigeration and protected atmosphere. Make food investigations on behalf of the National Union consumers or newspapers. Carries out work and scientific research for the food industry.

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Mineral water
Undertakes the procurement of mineral water for chemical and bacteriological analysis whose purpose is research and determination of parameters provided by the controls "annual" mandatory for firms engaged in bottling and sale of generic diovan.

Bathing water and pools
Sampling and chemical and bacteriological analysis of swimming pool water and control of the degree of disinfection achieved with the use of hypochlorite, chlorine dioxide or ozone. Determination of chlorine-demand, pH, HCG injections, free and combined chlorine and other parameters required by law. Service and calibration of the disinfection system.

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US poultry

Gastroenteritis due to food caused by Salmonella are among the most common foodborne illness. Salmonella are pathogenic to humans and animals and many species are known but only slightly more than a dozen are responsible for gastrointestinal forms. These organisms live in the intestines of humans and other animals such as cattle, poultry, pigs, wild or domesticated animals.

They spread into the environment through the feces of sick or carriers and the water in which they can survive for months. The spread in the environment is compounded by the fact that even after healing the bacterium is present in the stool for up to six months and the existence of healthy carriers.


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The laboratory performs

May 14th, 2013

Microbiological and chemical analysis of food matrices for the hygienic safety (HACCP) quality control on HiPot Testing

Domestic and industrial wastewater

June 21st, 2013

The analytical checks to be carried out on the wastewater are necessary to verify the limits set by online pharmacy no prescription and D. Decree 152/2006.

Bio-ethanol production

July 28th, 2013

The cultivation of cereals for the synthesis of bio-ethanol production instead of food is one of the causes of the rise in cereals and their derivatives of acheter le kamagra.